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Assessment Introduction

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Welcome to the Community Banking IQRM!

The leadership team of any financial institution should be aware of a number of common exposures relating to ATMs, foreclosed and trust properties, leasing, errors and omissions, fleet safety, employment practices liability, and cyber to name a few.  When addressing these types of exposures, it is vital that a risk advisor support your organization when considering strategies to reduce, avoid, retain, or transfer these risks.

Please click below to begin a 13 statement survey to gain your organization’s IQRM Effectiveness Risk Audit Score for Community Banking.

Question 1

Regarding controls related to wire transfers within your organization, to what degree do they align with the conditions precedent so you can avoid claims issues in the future?

Question 2

How effective is your organization’s leadership team at outlining your one, three and five-year goals on a yearly basis, and keeping your trusted advisor network informed of important updates?

Question 3

How effective has your organization’s leadership team been at sharing strategies to roll out future products and services with your trusted advisor network?

Question 4

How effective has your leadership team been at communicating with your trusted advisor network the three-to-five concerns keeping the you awake at night?

Question 5

To what degree does your cybersecurity program outline the steps needed to be taken should a breach occur?

Question 6

How effective is your employee training program with regards to protecting staff members from phishing emails and scams?

Question 7

To what degree does the organization’s policies and procedures clearly outline how you would like to manage litigation (i.e., the insurance company or your own counsel)?

Question 8

Should a claim occur, how effective are your policies at clearly outlining the processes you need to take to notify your agent?

Question 9

To what degree has your organization established a culture where your employees feel comfortable coming to management with concerns that may result in a potential claim?

Question 10

How effective has your organization’s leadership been at keeping the board of directors informed as to the coverages and limits that the bank carries? 

Question 11

To what degree do all bank branches have adequate lighting around the grounds, especially around the ATMs? 

Question 12

How effective has the organization been at repairing visible hazards in the parking lot, like potholes, in a timely manner? 

Question 13

To what degree does the organization have policies and procedures in place to clearly outline safety procedures and best practices for employees using their own vehicle for bank business?

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